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New Revolutionary Forged Carbon Wheels by Rotobox 


Rotobox has extended its carbon motorcycle wheel product line by unveiling the Rotobox Bullet, the new thin spoke, ultra-light forged carbon wheel at EICMA. Rotobox is one of the leading companies in the development of lightweight high-performance carbon automotive wheels. Itis also a company not satisfied with just keeping up with trends - but setting them.


The Rotobox R&D team was challenged to develop a new technology of solid spokes and a light alloy-like wheel design, which they delivered. The result is a unique, top performance, one-piece carbon wheel with a daring appearance. The Rotobox stand will showcase and highlight the new ultra-light Rotobox Bullet wheel in a number of configurations. The Rotobox Carbon Fiber Wheels are ultra-light motorcycle wheels for racing and road application and an upgrade to any model of motorcycle. The wheels are designed to meet the highest level of performance and due to one-piece carbon cast construction develop a safe and controlled advantage in speed, providing the lowest moment of inertia and the lowest gyroscopic effect. Rotobox Bullet carbon fiber wheels take things to another level: 50% less weight, more riding performance, more design and more technology to accentuate the sportiest side of each motorcycle. Your secret weapon that will get you in front!


The Rotobox carbon Bullet wheels conform to the JASO T203-85 / ISO-8644 safety standard. They also passed all tests according to the T?V Road Traffic No.287 standard, Section 30StVZO 2018 without preconditioning.


The new Rotobox Bullet wheel has a number of very unique features:


SOLID THIN SPOKES: To create solid thin spokes Rotobox uses special high-grade carbon fiber yarn, specifically developed for military use. Because of the extreme mechanical properties of the fibers used and high-density forging process, they have been able to develop an industry first, small and compact carbon spoke.


FLAT EDGE 3-COMPONENT COMPOSITE RIM: Rotobox advanced composite technology makes variable wall thickness possible enabling a flat edge rim as seen on modern wheels. This modern feature contributes to cleaner design and better aerodynamic properties of the wheel. Furthermore, the wheels are produced using Rotobox unique 3-component composite rim technology - combining carbon, epoxy and stainless steel. The stainless 2.5 mm steel wire is integrated in each side of the carbon rim increasing its impact resistance of the rim edge, whilst keeping the rim edge ductile and meeting the latest industry safety standards.


PENTAGON SHAPED HUB: The wheel hub is bolt-less locked into the carbon center part with pentagon shape for ultimate transmission of torque. 



RotoBox Bullet Wheels - Single Sided Swing Arm

Valve Colour
Clear Coat Colour
    Convex Set: 5.52 kg



    17" x 3.5" Front

    17" x 6" Rear


    Safest wheel construction
    Lightest wheels on the market
    Best rotational aerodynamic design      

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