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The Fullsix R&D department has made a huge leap in fuel tank production. Even the carbon fiber fuel tank has all the benefits of the original fuel tank, but it can contain approximate 0.5 litters more fuel. Manufactured using proprietary Autoclave Composite Monocoque (ACM) technology, the fuel tank is about 30 - 40 % lighter than the original one. This unique design solves a major issue that deterred motorcyclists from purchasing carbon fiber fuel tanks in the past: two-piece fuel tanks were prone to leakage when the seams wore out, rendering the tanks unsafe. Seams were also unsightly and detracted from the appearance of the bike. FullSix One-Piece Fuel Tanks solve these issues so you do not have to worry about safety or appearance.


Suits 2019+ S1000RR

FullSix Carbon S1000RR Fuel Tank (19+)

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