Park your motorcycle in a BUNKER - Nothing more secure. Its exclusive features make it the most secure and reliable parking lock for your Motorcycle. The BUNKER shields the wheel to prevent disassembling your motorcycle. The BP68M fits all type of Motorycles (naked, racing, custom, trail, turismo, etc.) Its unique features make it the most secure parking security lock for motorcycle and scooter: Prevents uploading it or removing the wheel. ANCHORED TO THE GROUND and with security device to prevent, anyone but the owner can remove it, even when the bike is not on. INNOVATIVE SWINGARM CLAMPING SYSTEM that allows even the heaviest motorcycles to be secured with full stability only through the tire. EXCLUSIVE EASY OUT DEVICE to remove the bike safely.

Includes: 4 x Anchor Bolts - Secure type. 1 x Artago 68T/B Mono-Block padlock. 1 x 16 mm Locking Bar. 1 x 16 mm Drilling bit.

Bunker Park

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